Nickel & Cobalt

ATI's nickel & cobalt-based alloys and superalloys are used in jet engines, gas turbines, chemical processing, petroleum refining, marine, electronics and other applications where common stainless steels may not provide adequate performance.

ProductUNS Number
ATI 22?N06022
ATI 59?N06059
ATI 75?N06075
ATI 80 A?N07080
ATI 200?N02200
ATI 201?N02201
ATI 276?N10276
ATI 400?N04400
ATI 520?N07520
ATI 600?N06600
ATI 601?N06601
ATI 617?N06617
ATI 6230?N06230
ATI 625HP?N06626
ATI 625?N06625
ATI 690?N06690
ATI 706?N09706
ATI 718-HS? / ATI 718-DA?N07718
ATI 718-OP?N07718
ATI 718?N07718
ATI 720?N07720
ATI 825?N08825
ATI 901?N09901
ATI 925?N09925
ATI 10242? Alloy...
ATI A286?S66286
ATI? AstroloyN13017 (Based on AMS 5846)
ATI C-263?N07263
ATI HB-2?N10665
ATI H-N?N10003
ATI H-W?N10004
ATI HX?N06002
ATI K-500?N05500
ATI M-252?N07252
ATI N-90?N07090
ATI? Rene 41N07041
ATI W-722?N07722
ATI? WaspaloyN07001
ATI X-750?N07750
ATI X-751?N07751
ProductUNS Number
ATI 35N?R30035
ATI 188?R30188
ATI L-605?R30605
TJA-1537?R31537 & R31538
ProductUNS Number
ATI 36?K93600 or K93603
ATI 42?K94100
ATI 4750?K94800 or K95000
Moly PermalloyN14080

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