Powder Metals

ATI's powder metals technology delivers what no other process can; extreme alloy compositions and a refined microstructure that offer increased performance and longer useful lives in high-temperature and highly corrosive environments.

Powder metal technology boosts the efficiency of jet engines and power generator turbines. It extends service intervals in critical parts for oil and gas systems, marine systems, nuclear systems, and other components in high-corrosion, hard-to-service environments. Powder delivers the most uniform grain structure achievable, in near-net shapes, to cut reject rates and costs in highly machined components. In sputtering target applications like magnetic data storage, powder metal delivers the extreme uniformity needed to provide accurate angstrom-thin coating and higher yield.

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Powder Metal Advantages

  • Longer useful life / reduced lifecycle costs
  • Greater wear resistance and superior high temperature properties
  • Enhanced UT inspectability
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Improved machinability

Process Advantages

  • Superior cleanliness
  • Homogeneous microstructure
  • Free-flowing spherical powder particles
  • Almost limitless alloying possibilities

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