ATI Markets

ATI is proud to provide the specialty materials and components that support demanding and essential industries around the world. See why we’re a market leader in producing titanium and titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys, superalloys, precision forgings, castings, and more…

Major Markets



Our materials help enable commercial and military aircraft to soar into the clouds and even into space.



Specialty materials, components and armor solutions make us a leading producer for the U.S. defense industry.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

We supply high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials for challenging exploration and drilling environments.

Electrical Energy

Electrical Energy

Our products are at the core of the world’s natural gas, coal, and nuclear power plants, as well as renewable generation sources.

Other Markets


Automotive and Transportation

We craft a full range of nickel-based alloys, stainless steels, and other ATI specialty materials to build the cars you drive every day.

Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processing

Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processing Industry

From alloys and zirconium products to titanium castings for pumps and valves, our materials are built to withstand the high-wear conditions of chemical processing plants and refineries.


Construction and Mining

Our forged products and specialty materials are designed to withstand the most grueling projects.


Electronics and Communications

Alloys with unique electrical, magnetic, and corrosion-resistant properties meet all communications needs.

Food Equipment and Appliances

Food Equipment and Appliances

The durability, affordability, and visual appeal of stainless steel makes it ideal for the food industry.



Our advanced specialty materials are building blocks for many marvels used in today’s medical device products that save and enhance the quality of lives.

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